My Spring Beauty, Health & Wellness Routine

There is always something about the change of season that just makes you want to make “changes”. Especially when Spring is around the corner, Spring Cleaning is always at the top of mind and sometimes once we start, we can’t stop, am I right? 

So while I am most often telling you about all the latest Fashion trends for Spring, I would love to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about how I change up my own personal routine for the new season and maybe it will inspire you to make a few changes as well!

I recently changed my hair color and went back to dark (from blonde balayage) and because of that I have felt my go to lipstick colors have been a little off and honestly, sometimes there’s nothing better than a trip to your favorite makeup counter for a lipstick re fresh. I ended up taking a step away from my cooler pink tones and found a few new combos that I love, one of them being a beloved cult favorite, resurrected  from the ‘90s!

Generally when it comes to makeup and a change of season I will switch up a few items. Always get a fresh mascara, maybe a new eyeshadow palette and a new blush. 

Spring is also a great time to take stock of your skincare routine. Is what you are doing working for you? Maybe you could use a facial treatment, whether it's a good exfoliating treatment or a hydrating session, your skin will definitely thank you. I am currently doing a Microneedling facial rejuvination and I am really loving how it makes my skin feel.  With one of three treatments left, I am going to be left with smoother, firmer feeling skin.

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

It could also be a great time to introduce a vitamin C and it is absolutely a great time to start using an SPF daily. Speak to a spa technician or skincare specialist to see what is best for your skin’s needs.

As I previously mentioned, with the new hair color also came a few hair concerns. Something that I have been battling for a few years. The bottom line? My hair, as resilient as it seems when it comes to wash cycles, is just not happy being bleached. I have been suffering from constant breakage on my top hairs for many years and I have had to concede! As part of my hair care routine, I take collagen peptides, (from Boutique Skinenvie) a vitamin formula for hair & nails (from as well as a new leave in molecular hair repair mask. Once all of the bleach has grown out, combined with all of these reparative elements, I hope to have super smooth and shining hair by the time fall rolls around.

(These products are from Boutique Skinenvie and they are fab!)

In general, I consider myself relatively on top of my health & wellness routines. I exercise approximately 5 days a week, I eat everything in moderation and I work regularly on my mental health. Here’s what is part of my regular wellness routine, Spring is a great time to choose one of these areas and commit to yourself!

  1. Fitness classes from the Peloton app that include cycling, strength, yoga and mediation
  2. Online Pilates classes with Pilates Noir. I started Pilates before the pandemic and it is the single greatest thing I have ever done for my body in regards to fitness.
  3. Read a book, listen to a podcast that gives you joy or knowledge (see short list below)
  4. Work with a wellness coach to zero in on how to manage your thoughts and set boundaries (from personal experience, I highly recommend Thalia Dabda linked above!)

Spring is a great time to reset. A great time to realize that resolutions are rarely kept, but change can happen, even if it’s something as small as a new lip color.

As a woman, a business owner and a busy mom, I know first hand how we can feel so burnt out when the snow starts melting, so give yourself the permission to reset if not just one small area of your life.

And my biggest piece of advice? Call your best friend and make plans.

I recently planned a dinner with my bestie and we bought all of the ingredients and spent a couple hours cooking together. Not only was it waaaay better than takeout, it was a great opportunity to spend time together, doing something we would have done separately, for a meaningful evening and some much needed TLC with each other. Oh. And don’t forget  the Tequila.

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