There are two different types of people in this world. Those that can pack for a week in a carry on and those who can’t. I fall into the latter category, obviously, and after reading so many blogs with tips on how to streamline packing, I’ve decided to write my own post about how to effectively overpack.

I am fortunate enough to be able to travel a few times a year, be it for our annual Spring Break vacation in Mexico, a long weekend with the girls or my mom, or a business trip with my husband. Thankfully, I’ve got Spring Break packing down to a science because we generally take the same type of vacation every year so there are no surprises, but when it comes to a 4 or 5 day jaunt, forget about it. I need options people!!!

The hardest part about packing is committing to your wardrobe choices and let's be honest, I don’t know how I’m going to feel two days after my suitcase gets zipped up. 

What will my level of bloating be, what if there is a change in weather, where will I even be going? I think a strictly urban or strictly beach vacation is a much easier pack. For example, three days in New York requires comfortable daytime clothes and shoes and a couple of outfit changes for dinner or theater. Five days at an all inclusive requires some bathing suits, shorts and a few evening outfits and generally comfortable footwear, these places aren’t fancy. (All of these assumptions based on my own personal experiences, some people may hit up night clubs no matter where they go, for example.)

But how about 4 nights in Miami or Vegas? These types of getaways throw a wrench into streamlined packing. Earlier this year I went to Miami with my mom for a few nights, and all I can say is that I come by my overpacking habit quite honestly. We really had no itinerary and we weren’t sure what the weather would be, but her overpack definitely outdid mine on this one. I wore almost everything I brought and when that happens, I say success! But here are the issues that arise when packing for said vacation:

  1. Effectively packs beach wear but the weather turns sour.

  2. Needs to pack back up daytime wear in case said issue occurs and/or for daytime outings like touring our shopping.

  3. Needs to pack exercise gear for four planned workouts but only works out max twice.

  4. Needs to pack evening outfits that include but is not limited to: jeans and tanks, skirts and tops, dresses, heels and flats. Also some sort of jacket in case it's “cool”.

  5. Needs to pack, and always overpacks, accessories including fashion jewelry, belts and bags (daytime and evening).

  6. Needs to pack all necessary beauty and cosmetic products (which may or may not require their own suitcase).

  7. Has trouble wearing things twice in 4 days.

You can never have too many accessories.


Don’t get me wrong, I know that not everyone thinks this way. I am a person interested in fashion and a person who needs her beauty stuff at all times. I am also a person who feels so differently in her clothes on any given day that it makes committing to one pair of jeans virtually impossible.

Also, why does it seem that I never have the right pair of shoes when I need them? I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriends time and time again. The shoes take the overpack to the next level.

So, as I sit here and contemplate my overpack for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, I take comfort in knowing that I am prepared in the following ways:

  1. I have tried to streamline my cosmetic bag with mini items of my favorite products, including makeup, thanks to Sephora. I have come a long way with my makeup bag for travel.

  2. I have limited evening wear at this moment in my closet so I don’t think I will overpack in that category.

I have numerous pairs of shoes put aside, I have no idea what I am going to be doing other than sitting at the pool. Maybe an excursion with my husband, definitely a shopping trip or two. I have high hopes for three workouts in four days and I can’t ever decide which bathing suits to pack because “see above” re: bloating. Also there’s the “leave some room for shopping” sign going off in the back of my head. But I’m not worried, it will all fit, it always does.

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I recently watched a video from a blogger that I follow about what she packs in her carry on regarding in transit skin care. She literally got off the plane, went into the bathroom and did an entire series on serums, creams, makeup and other things. She must have applied a minimum of ten products out of her carry on. Imagine what she had in her suitcase?  But then again, the inspiration for this blog was based on numerous other blogs and vlogs I have seen and watched about how not to overpack!

All that to say, I am sure this blog post has taught you nothing and you are definitely not more informed after reading it. If anything you have learned about how much I like my stuff and can't commit to an outfit five days out! I don’t think I can change my ways when it comes to this. I would imagine if push came to shove and I was in a situation where I could really only bring one small bag I would HAVE to do it. But if I’m paying the airline to check my suitcase, I’m going to get my money’s worth!

George Costanza is an overpacker. He claims to pack based on Mood. (Click to View) There are all kinds of valid reasons for overpacking. Are you an over-packer like me? Would love to hear your funny packing situations! Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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