While the world shuttered and paused in March of 2020, fashion lovers everywhere were thrown off their game. Fashion "able" or not, flamboyant skirts and blouses for the wild at heart, tailored suits and heels for the profesh, jeans and boots for the day to day. All of these items got hung up and we entered the Loungewear Phase of 20/21.

Women and Men everywhere couldn't get their hands on matching sets and comfy sweatpants fast enough. Many people were in such professional stages of their lives that their loungewear was limited to an old pair of Lulus and a College hoodie. 

As time went on with many stay at home orders continuing, schools being closed and most workplaces going virtual, the fashion world had to quickly Pivot. Big box brands' online stores were depleting and with malls closed, small stores closed and big box stores being the only available options, communities really turned inwards with a strong focus on supporting LOCAL.

Blush & Vyne stepped up. And so did you! But now what? I know you are feeling stressed about the "Covid 15", and I know everything is not as it was. But with the world slowly reopening and life starting to get back together, I know you are caught between the good and evil: To Lounge or Not To Lounge. 

Thankfully the fashion world is coming through and there are some easy ways you can Pivot your wardrobe from Classic Comfort to Comfort Chic. Here's how:

1. JEANS CAN BE COMFORTABLE! Opt for softer, distressed denim, elastic waists are even a thing! Hook on to the right pair and you will feel dressed without feeling too tight.  Pictured: Meli Distressed Joggers and Skimmer Tank

2. CLASSIC STYLES IN COMFORTABLE FABRICS. There are so many options around that you can easily put together a classic pants and blouse look with soft, draped fabrics. Don't be shy to take the time to see what's available in classic styles that you "used to love". Pictured: Merrin Pants and Missy Tee

3. SUMMER IS COMING AND THERE IS NO BETTER TIME TO PUT ON A DRESS! Did you know that a flowy summer dress hides everything? So what if you are only going to the park or your friend's backyard. Throw on a cute dress and a pair of slides  or trainers and you will be cool, cute and chic! Feel the need to cover? Throw on a tee or a light jacket. Layering is always a good idea. Pictured: Gemma Dress and Wild and Strong Tee

Feeling inspired? You CAN do it! Choose one day a week to leave your sweatpants or leggings in a drawer and get creative. The right side of your brain will thank you.





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