Here we are again, the dreaded winter to spring transition season. For some reason this one just hits different. And not in a good way. While we are itching to unlayer our clothing and footwear, living in a northern climate has the calendar reliability of the Weather App on your phone. 

However, come Labor Day, we are all able to hit that fall switch with ease and comfort. But I get it. The March and April forecasts in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada don't really match up to the Fashion offerings this time of year.  And at this time of year we are just about done with winter, and our winter wardrobes.  

Hence, we practice the Art of Transition. The Oxford Dictionary defines transition as "the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another". But how do we go from a cold, sluggish winter mindset to a fresh, floral spring one when the forecast calls for another 10cm of snow?

A little bit of creative wardrobe planning and some key pieces to put in rotation.  Here are 3 Tips to help you through this confusing fashion moment in time.

1) Freshen up your knits. Let's face it, we have had our sweaters on heavy rotation since late October. That's a long time. And throw in the WFH loungewear you are probably still wearing, I can bet a fresh knit would go a long way. 

There are two avenues to take for this instance. A) you can hit up your favorite boutique's sale section and grab a cute style on sale. There are always hidden gems to be found here! B) Invest in a fresh spring knit. The fabrics will be lighter so you will wear it longer into the summer (in a cold A/C sitch), the color palette a little more fresh and honestly, if there is ever a month we need to feel refreshed, it is definitely March.

2) Try Out a New Pair of Jeans or Pants. As a retailer, generally speaking, skirts and dresses are a tough sell this time of year, unless you are travelling. It is, however, safe to say, that bottoms are a necessity and something we wear year round. My advice? Update your selection with a denim wash you may not already own, a style (cargos, wide leg) that is trendy but wearable or pair of cool trousers. These are styles you can wear with a boot and eventually slip on a slide or a sneaker with later on.

3) Upgrade Your AccessoriesProbably the easiest way to add a little TLC to your current wardrobe selection. A cute pair of earrings, like a gold chain style to wear with your favorite black sweater will elevate you look a refresh that style.

A belt will take you miles. Wether you put on a staple blouse and tuck it with a new belt, or belt your go to blazer, you are instantly giving you fashion faves an updated look.

Add a new bag into the rotation. Something that can still work with your coat, and later on without. Maybe a fresh color or different material. Maybe your basic black bag needs an update. It's the perfect time to add a little pop or refresh the basics you reach for on the daily. 

As a whole, March is long, it is never "really" spring and it is definitely the month that plays hard to get. But don't let it get you down. Stick to these simple, easy to attain suggestions and you will push through till the real spring arrives! 

Before you go.... here are 2 more small bits of advice.

Number one, and something I always remind my customers of, follow the one in one out rule. Now is a better time than any to get a headstart on that spring cleaning and wardrobe detox. If you bring in one new item, make sure one old, tired item gets removed immediately. 

And second. Take advantage of the drier, warmer days. Get out of your winter boot and put on a regular pair. A chelsea, a western, a combat or even a pair of sneakers like these Evodias, one of my favorite styles for spring!

With Spring in the Air, add a little bounce to your step with these helpful hints! Before you know it, you will be living life outdoors again.


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