Faves of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close and creators and businesses all over social media are sharing their successes and best moments, I find myself at a crossroads for celebration. The world is full of uncertainty, in all aspects, and some of us are still just hanging on. However, for my Blush & Vyne Family, I know how much you value my suggestions so I thought it would be fun to do a roundup of some of my favorite things from the year in Fashion, Beauty and More.

Fave Fashion Looks

Choosing my favorite looks from an entire year of try ons and styling is almost an impossible task!! We started the year off with comfortable separates and moved into spring/summer with matching sets, pretty florals and sparkly favorites. Fall started off strong with stripes, red, toppers, cargos and of course, denim has been a trend all throughout. There has been something for everyone and I look forward to diving into 2024 hot on the chase for the best to offer my loyal customers.

Fave Beauty Products

If you have been following me for a while you know that Beauty & Makeup is my Origin story, so sharing products that I love and use with you is always joyful because the response is astounding. Here is a wrap up of just 6 of the beauty items I have starting using in 2023 and love so much I want everyone to know about them!

1. HB Face The Balm

I am a huge fan of HBs Skin Butter, it is like no other body cream I have ever used and I have used MANY. I use her eye cream and face oil but I finally decided to give The Balm a try and it is currently my main moisturizer day and night. It is extra nourishing and hydrating, The Balm restores moisture to heal and prevent dry skin. It protects and acts as an emollient, leaving your skin feeling dewy and quenched.

2. Natasha Denona Hy-Gen Primer Serum

Not something I use every day but when I go out or am filming, the Hy-Gen is an incredible product that gives a smooth, stunning glow. I am a big supporter of this brand and all of her products are worth trying, her eyeshadow palettes are unmatched!

3. Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes

Probably one of my most used palettes this year, this one is full of easy neutrals and soft shimmers. The shadows are buildable to go full glam or great for an every day easy look, over and over again.

4. Danessa Myricks Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette

I got this one at the start of last summer and I have never stopped using it. I use it only on my cheeks and each color is nicer than the next. Apply it with a small fluff brush in a dabbing motion for best results in color and glow. Color Flirty

5. Elf Brow Lift Brow Gel

At under 10$ the Brow Gel will change your brow game. Forget a brow lamination, a bit of this magic gel on a spoolie and comb through your brows, you will be pleasantly surprised.

6. Lip Combos

This year I brought back a 90's fave from MAC- Spice pencil and Prr gloss which was a super hit on Insta Stories. Yes I am still wearing it and among many of the other lip combos I shared on Instagram, Sellout from MAC is my most asked about lipstick and Anywhere Caffeine from Makeup Forever is my favorite pencil discovery.


In a total ironic situation as I compose this year end blog, I am stuck between three books and can't seem to get through any of them! However, the list of books I read this year is LONG and while there are so many good ones, these are the top six that stand out always off the top of my head. A book recommendation is one of those things that just travels around and is always something so easy to share with a fellow book lover. 

book reccomendations


Who knew Harrison Ford would make the top 6 in TV this year? Sometimes I feel like all the shows become a blur because being a busy Sports Mom, they usually get watched last thing before bed. No I did not watch The Last Of Us (nor did I watch GOT so don't come at me) but these were some that kept my attention and got my heart (ahem Daisy Jones or anything music related!). 

And so, with another year behind us, we can only look forward to what the next 365 days will bring. The one thing that I am sure we can all agree on is that we have no control over tomorrow, so we truly have to live for today. 

To Safety, Health & Happiness in 2024.

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