Let's Go To Nashville!

Here's What to Pack!

On a recent trip to Nashville, I got inundated with messages from followers telling me how either Nashville is on their Places to Visit List, or they have been and loved it too. I can’t disagree with either! This was my third visit to Music City and even though it was quick, it did not disappoint.

In fact, Nashville had a record breaking year for Tourism in 2022, and is expected to grow that by 10% in 2023 (source: visitmusiccity.com).Even since my first visit in 2016, the city has grown exponentially!

But more importantly, I know what you want to hear about from me is, what to wear and how to pack for a visit. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to visit in three different seasons, so I've got you covered!!


Depending on where you are coming from, travel to Nashville can be quick and easy or long and annoying. Montreal does not yet have a direct flight available so I always have to connect (Toronto, Newark or Washington to name a few) but the good news is that Air Canada is set to offer some direct routes in May of 2023.

That being said, I still consider it a short haul trip because if you leave early enough in the morning you can still get in with enough time to hit the ground running. I personally don’t travel in sweatpants unless it’s a night or a long haul flight so I recommend a pair of comfortable jeans, a graphic tee and a blazer. These are items that can be reworn if you are doing only carry on and a blazer comes in handy always,

As well, if your room isn’t ready when you arrive and you want to start checking out the sights or go for a drink, you will be dressed perfectly for such events.


Nashville is super casual and fun, they don’t call it Music City for nothing ! And if you don’t already own cowboy boots you will definitely have some boot FOMO by simply walking down the street and seeing everyone from locals to tourists sporting a pair. However, you will want to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes for your daytime looks.

If you are there in the spring, summer or early fall, a good pair of sneakers or street style shoes will do. Just this past April I knew the forecast was looking quite warm so I even threw in a pair of Birkenstocks that were good to double as a comfortable walking shoe and something I could wear to the pool. For a cooler day (I was there on some blustery days in December), a comfortable pair of boots like Doc Martens will do.

Spring /Summer Staples:  A cute dress or skirt,,a pair of jean shorts or lightweight pants, tees and tanks and a blazer or jean jacket depending on the weather. And of course, your comfortable jeans. I like to travel with skirts (a jean skirt or a cute mini or midi) because it is something that can be re-worn with two different tops for day or night. On the other hand a floral dress in Nashville never goes out of style!

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FALL/WINTER LOOKS:  Generally if you are going to tour Nashville you do want to head down there when the weather is favorable. Fall is a nice time to go and you can pack up your bag with denim, light sweaters and blouses, a plaid shirt and a leather jacket. It is safe to say denim is always a look in Music City. Winter months could be a bit chilly and you may want to pack a light puffer, a scarf and a cute hat!

Nashville, Early December


Nashville has so many fun options from casual dining, Honky Tonk bars to upscale restaurants and of course a visit to the Opry or the Ryman and guess what? Anything goes!! Depending on the season you can throw on a cute dress and cowboy boots, something sparkly, jeans, a tank and a blazer or a pair of casual trousers and a tee. Down on Broadway, you will see it all and most importantly, hear it all because the Music Never Stops!

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All in all, I highly recommend taking a trip to Music City, and whether its for 2 nights or 4 nights, you can’t go wrong with some basics, some prints and one piece of pizazz in your suitcase.

Safe Travels Y’all!


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