Three Ways to Live Your Best Day on Your Birthday

Does another year around the sun have you feeling up or down? Over time, I have encountered so many women with so many different opinions.

Some are of the opinion that a birthday should be ignored and swept under the rug and opt to focus their attention on anyone but themselves.

Others treat their birthday as a grandiose affair with a “birthday month” theme, possibly an outfit change and a lot of hoopla.

And others are just happy to celebrate another year or another day because of course, we will never know what is going on in someone else's life.

Personally? I don’t mind another birthday. I mean, on what other day of the year is it considered “your” day, where people may go out of their way to call, text, or message on social media their well wishes? It is an opportunity for a little acknowledgement and self love, to put your guard down and say hey! Today is for me!  I am going to take a day off and let myself in on the fun for once. 

Since the Pandemic, it is safe to say that many of us are more inclined to have a little celebration with loved ones or friends. I know that on my first birthday afterward, I wanted to put on a dress and heels and go out with all my best people and just live, love and laugh! Not every year going forward will look like this, but I do think it’s ok to take that one day out of 365 and make it a little bit about you. In light of this tiny morsel of advice, here are 3 ways you can Live Your Best Day on your Birthday…even if you don’t want to!

  1. Allow yourself the freedom and mind space to be Positive. Wake up with a smile (even if it’s snowing!) and maybe even schedule in a calming meditation. Set your mind to welcome the love. When it comes to good friends and family, I personally prefer a personal text or a phone call versus a “social media” wish… but there is still something to be said about a Facebook wall full of people noticing it's your birthday and taking even just a few seconds out of their day to send you a wish. Why wouldn’t we want a basket full of good wishes on just one day of the year?! Create the mindset to allow the assertion to fill your cup. 

  2. Set the bar low. Always. This way, you can avoid a disappointing situation. High expectations never turn out well so always have a contingency plan. For example, I remember one birthday a few years ago, it was a super rainy day in April and the few people I had reached out to, to have lunch or do something, were busy. And I had no plans. And I didn’t want to stay home on a rainy day by myself (I wasn’t working Mondays at the time!) So I picked myself up, put on a fabulous outfit and headed out to some of my favorite spots to do a little shopping. Alone. And while I did wallow for a brief moment in the car, I decided that it is still MY day and not every plan can work out the way you want it to. So make you own plans! Book a spa appointment, ask a friend or a relative out to lunch, clear some time to read a book, order in your favorite meal. It’s your day!
  3. Start a tradition. Whether you are 8, 48 or 78 it is never too late to start a birthday tradition. In our house? We like to have gifts ready to be opened first thing in the morning, it’s always a great way to start the day. Some people I know always have cake for breakfast, and one of my oldest friends, her mom used to buy her kids a small gift every year on her own birthday which I always thought was the sweetest. So call a friend or a cousin, schedule a coffee or a lunch and ask them if maybe this is something they are willing to do every year to celebrate your birthday. Go out and order a different kind of cocktail every year, go to the movies, try on all of your dresses! Traditions can be small but they become like a comfortable pair of slippers knowing it is something to look forward to on that one day of the year. Pro Tip: Check out one of your many online shopping carts as a fun gift and tradition to start for yourself!

So here we are. Your birthday is approaching. What are you going to do? Of course these are simply just suggestions and some birthday chit chat to keep you interested but if there is one thing to remember, it is that life is short.

Buy the shoes.

Eat the Cake.

Make the Plans.

Gift yourself the Day! You deserve it!!

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